Artist Statement

The Notice is a video-performance about memory and public art. Using audio description as a starting point, it portrays large-scale, abstract stained-glassed windows created by Marcelle Ferron at Champs-de-Mars subway station in Montreal. In fact, it describes the artwork from the perspective of the windows themselves. This stained glass has been reflecting light onto, and inhabited by, its urban public since 1968. What might windows have to say about themselves to a half-century old amorphous, evolving collective of passersby?
- Simone Lucas

The Notice


I appear to you now as a hand(s). A pinkish floating hand(s), luminescent, projected onto a wall in an empty room. The hand(s) moves. Fingers minutely inching forward and back, side to side. Expanding. Contracting.

I appear to you now a jelly-fish like figure in front of my hand(s). A red-flowing body draped over bare limbs. Inching forward and back, side to side. Expanding. Contracting. Hair hangs down where there might have been a head.

My dancing hand(s) is over me and under me. It is the hand of my gut, the hand of my throat. The hand of hunger and longing.

Towering above humans and other animals, I deal in light. Many years ago, you forgot to notice. Footsteps go by and by and by and by. I spend my days casting hues, emanating blues, obsequious orange, tangy purple, zany green. Showers of intangible candy.

I appear to you now as a toxic flower. A lingering plastic kiss. Translucent sheets envelop the body and head, dangle from the limbs

Hold me, my luminescent hand(s), and I will hold all the forgetting.   
This exhibition is generously supported by the Canada Research Chair in Critical Disability Studies and Media Technologies,
and in part by funding from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council.